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Huntington Beach
10:00am Tai-Chi
10:00am Tai-Chi
10:00am Tai-Chi
10:00am Tai-Chi
Tuesday & Thursday
6:00pm Tai-Chi

Monday & Wednesday
11:00am Tai-Chi


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Tai-Chi Cosmodynamics

As we move from day to day, it is easy to get lost in the minutiae, always focusing on the worries of tomorrow, or the regrets of yesterday. Modern society has lost a certain connection it once had to our environment. Tai Chi, or Cosmodynamics as it is referred to in Pa Kua, is a discipline designed to slow us down and bring us back in touch with our surroundings, both here on earth and the cosmos as well. Our ancestors knew that we were but a small drop in the great flow of the universe, and they practiced movements and meditations to better align themselves with this flow.

Cosmodynamics (“cosmos” referring to the universe, “dynamics” meaning movement) is a slow, meditative discipline aimed to help students become more calm and peaceful. Often thought of as martial arts done very slowly, students practice flowing movements designed to improve their balance, strength, and flexibility. Great emphasis is placed on controlling the breath; such practice allows students to be fully present in the moment, working on flowing from stance to stance, and putting the worries of the day to the side. The slow, low impact practice is perfect for all ages, and can be of great benefit to those trying to recover from injuries. Most classes also feature forms of meditation, ideal for anyone suffering from stress, anxiety, or depression. Mindfulness and peace are sorely lacking in today’s society, so if you’re looking for a way to develop these gifts for yourself, please join us for a class.