Adult Martial Art Class Times

Huntington Beach
6:00pm Adult Martial Art
5:30pm Adult Martial Art
5:30pm Adult Martial Art
5:30pm Adult Martial Art
Monday & Wednesday
10:00am Adult Martial Art
5:00pm Adult Martial Art
6:00pm Adult Martial Art
7:00pm Adult Martial Art
Tuesday & Thursday
6:00pm Adult Martial Art
8:00pm Adult Martial Art
10:00am Adult Martial Art
12:00pm Adult Martial Art
1:00pm Adult Martial Art
5:00pm Adult Martial Art
Tuesday & Thursday
9:00am Adult Martial Art
11:00am Adult Martial Art
6:00pm Adult Martial Art

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Martial Art / Martial Formation

This complete martial art gives the student comprehension of themselves as well as their surroundings. Pa-Kua focuses on personal development and is most identifiable by its circular form of martial arts. It uses the opponent's energy against them, and extensive studies of Martial Art tactics add the self-confidence that will significantly benefit anyone. There are many people concerned about if the martial art is right for them or if they will be able to do a martial art class. In Pakua Huntington Beach you will learn martial arts from very well trained, certified and experianced staff of PaKua masters and instructors.

Who Practices Martial Art?

Pa-Kua martial art is for all ages and abilities. We have separate classes for Pee-Wee martial art ages 4-7, Kids martial art ages 8-12, Teens martial art 13-16, Adults, and Seniors. We have had students from 3 Years to 104 Years old! There are classes from Beginner to Advanced. All of the classes are taught by Internationally Certified Masters and Instructors who are recertified by the PaKua International League annually. Private martial art classes are available, General class sizes range from 2 to 8 people in a class. Please call to find out which class time will work best for you. All classes on our schedule can be attended by any level student. Advanced classes are not listed.

What will you learn in Martial Art?

In a safe non-competitive environment, you will learn the Traditional Chinese Knowledge of Pa-Kua. This consists of stand-up and ground fighting techniques including but not limited to: Striking, pressure points, levers, manipulations, sweeps, throws, locks (submission) and chokes. You will also develop the internal aspects of Pa-Kua through meditation, breathing techniques, and forms. Everything is taught in a progressive manner so that you will be prepared for each step along the way by studying in class with your Master or Instructor.

How will you benefit from learning Martial Art?

You will gain the Confidence to lead the life you want with peace by having the techniques and training from the Martial Art to overcome your daily fears and anxiety. That means you have more energy to focus on the life you wish to live and enjoy. The Chinese theory is that our body is a reflection of our mind and vice versa. Thus, by stretching, improving coordination, and increasing strength, you will benefit in many internal ways as well, including the release of endorphins which is one of the many reasons you will feel better after every class! Training of slow forms will improve harmony and growth of internal and physical well being. Pa-Kua is a complete art which gives its practitioner a better sense of self confidence, increased concentration, augmented coordination, and improved flexibility.

Why learn Martial Art?

Martial art has been continuously developed and improved over thousands of years. It's focus and development during all those years has been focused on maintaining peak fitness and health of body and mind as well as the way to protect yourself and your family. In Pakua we still maintain these traditional values that have been passed on by each generation of PaKua martial art masters. There are many reasons that people come to study the martial art aspect at the PaKua School. Some people come to lose weight and then stay because they see that they not only became more fit by practicing the martial art but that they have more energy and just feel better in their daily life. The best way to see what we're talking about is to come by and try a class. Contact us for more information or to schedule your first class.

Brief Class Overview:

Run with martial art training exercises
Practice how to fall safely
24 Movements to improve Energy, Flexibility, Balance, and Coordination
Improvement and practice of kicks
Training with martial art bags
Technical training such as defense from grabs or attacks and offensive techniques
Strength and Core training