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Expand your knowledge of the Energy Ways to promote wellbeing.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the oldest healing arts in existence and its comprehensive classification of the bioenergetics in the human system is used worldwide. TCM is not only effective through acupressure and massages, but also offers therapeutic movements, the study of nutrition, the observations of daily habits and identification of a person’s disharmonies.

Only through an overall vision of treatment can one reach the heart of the problem rather than treating symptoms. This holistic approach is the basic principle of the Pakua Energy discipline, which teaches and trains in the traditional techniques of manipulation and study of the internal energy, to improve a person’s overall health and life.

The regular practice of Pakua Energy includes a variety of techniques that improve the vitality of the body and the mind.

The student will also acquire knowledge in nutrition, the energy pathways, massage, the theory of the Five Elements, the concept of Yin and Yang, and much more. The classes are open to anyone who has an interest in learning and practicing these ancient techniques for a better health and longer life.