Adult Martial Art Class Times

Huntington Beach
7:30pm Adult Martial Art
11:00am Adult Martial Art

Monday & Wednesday
10:00am Adult Martial Art
7:00pm Adult Martial Art (Wed)
8:00pm Adult Martial Art
Tuesday & Thursday
10:00am Adult Martial Art
4:00pm Adult Martial Art
5:00pm Adult Martial Art
8:00pm Adult Martial Art
10:00am Adult Martial Art
12:00pm Adult Martial Art
1:00pm Adult Martial Art
Tuesday & Thursday
9:00am Adult Martial Art

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Martial Art / Martial Formation

Whether you’re looking for a way to defend yourself, add some discipline to your life, or just get in better shape, the Martial Arts aspect of Pa Kua has something for everyone. Originating in ancient China, Pa Kua as a martial art and philosophy has existed for millennia, and its practice continues to this day. It covers a wide breadth of techniques, starting new students off with simple but effective punches, blocks and kicks. In time, students can also expect to learn throws, takedowns, joint locks, jumping and spinning kicks, and many others. This unique mix of both striking and grappling, in conjunction with its evasive, circular footwork for which it is known, make Pa Kua an exciting art for anyone.

Noncompetitive by nature, the focus of the class is instead on individual growth and development. No tournaments means instructors are dedicated to making their students better humans, not just more dangerous ones. While those who seek the means to fight can find it here, the class will also teach students the wisdom of how to hopefully avoid conflict and live happier, more fulfilling lives. Whatever stage of life a person is in—young or old, novice or adept, the martial art practice of Pa Kua can benefit them.