Acrobatics Class Times

Monday & Wednesday
7:00pm Acrobatics
11:00am Acrobatics (all ages)
Tuesday & Thursday
4:00pm Acrobatics
5:00pm Acrobatics
Huntington Beach
7:30pm Acrobatics
11:00am Acrobatics

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Have fun and learn how to overcome personal limitations through the practice of Chinese Acrobatics

In China, there is evidence of Acrobatics being a part of culture even prior to the Western Han Dynasty, some 2500 years ago. It featured in the village harvest festivals during the Tang Dynasty. Today, Acrobatics continues to be an important part of modern Chinese variety art and fitness.

Pa-Kua Chinese Acrobatics is a class that develops your core strength, balance, and many stabilizing muscles important in the practice of handstands, cartwheels, and other acrobatic basics.

These acrobatic postures improve a student’s flexibility. A strong self-awareness develops and an acute mind/body connection occurs through these training exercises.

Pa-Kua Chinese Acrobatics benefits the practitioner by causing physical defragmentation through exercise of body and mind. The therapeutic benefits happen by working on physical and mental control. In addition, working among friends on elaborate balance movements that require support and cooperation is a fun way to study.

Everything is taught according to the student’s abilities. You will gain all the necessary strength and skills before progressing to the next level of training. You will continue your training until you feel prepared, working with the Master or Instructor, to overcome your fears and doubts. You will progressively learn how to do a handstand, cartwheel, one-handed cartwheel, one-handed handstand, butterfly, bridge, front walkover, back walkover, front handspring, back handspring, front flip, back flip, and much more!

Overall Benefits of Acrobatics

Increased muscle mass.
Greater physical and mental balance.
Improvement in body language.
Greater control of your fears.
Shyness decreases and increases self confidence.
Developing confidence in group work.