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Huntington Beach
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12:00pm Acrobatics

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Have fun and learn how to overcome personal limitations through the practice of Chinese Acrobatics

It may be surprising, but the practice of acrobatics is a very old one, dating back over 2000 years in China! Such feats of strength and alacrity were common part of cultural festivals and gatherings. This robust practice is a popular one, and has spawned iterations the world over.

In Pa Kua, Acrobatics serves two purposes: It is a very physical discipline, pushing students to grow stronger and more flexible through a variety of power poses, tumbling exercises, and calisthenics. Partner work is common, with one (or more) students on the ground as a strong “base” position, and another (or more!) as a nimble “flyer,” balancing on top of them. Managing one’s own or another’s body weight is great for building lasting, practical strength and balance that can help prevent injuries.

Pa Kua Acrobatics can also help push students to overcome their mental and physical limits. Whether it’s nailing that handstand you’ve been practicing for weeks, or even doing a push-up for the first time, it is wildly empowering to know you are capable of more than you think. By pushing past our mental blocks and conquering our fears on the mat, the hope is this newfound confidence can help overcome other, deeper fears and insecurities. We all carry traumas from the past that manifest in unpleasant places in our lives, so having a little encouragement can help us deal with them. Try an acrobatics class and discover what you’re capable of!