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Huntington Beach
6:00pm Edged Weapons
10:00am Edged Weapons

11:00am Edged Weapons

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Pa-Kua Edged Weapons / Sword Class

“A pen isn’t mightier than a sword. Pens do not do battle, nor swords poetry. Mighty is the hand that knows when to pick up the pen, or pick up the sword.”

While we are (thankfully) long past the days when it was common to carry a blade for protection, the rich history and millennia of practice therein can be of great benefit to anyone. The lessons learned through edged weapons practice are lifelong: they are dangerous, and so should be treated with great respect. Their honed edge require precision, for a cutting stroke cannot be taken back. Only through many swings and repetitions can a student learn how their weapon is an extension of themselves, and an expression of their being. And even a common item like a broomstick or mop, a shovel, even a kitchen knife, can all be used with great skill to protect oneself or another.

The Pa Kua Edged Weapons discipline teaches students how to wield a variety of weapons, from the concealable knives, to long spears, to the mighty Grand Sword, a fearsome weapon intended to fell cavalry. Students train to develop precision and skill with each, often working with a partner to practice guards, strikes, and parries. Swinging these wooden or metal weapons will develop strength and power in the whole body, as well as greater situational awareness. The class is a reflection of the weapon itself: precise, quick, and full of intent. Your inner swordsman is ready to be discovered.